Leah Sinai

I am going into 4th year biochemistry at Queen’s University. At Queen’s I have been involved in Orientation Week, Relay for Life and Make-A-Wish. I grew up in London so it has been great for me to work at Western for the summer. I have been working on the movie data analysis with Lorina this summer, learning a lot along the way. I am hoping to go to medical school next year and become a doctor.

Vivian Jia

I graduated from Western University’s Bachelor of Medical Sciences program (class of 2012) with an Honors specialization in Physiology. I worked on a thesis project under Dr Naci’s and Dr. Owen’s supervision, during the final year of my undergraduate studies. We developed an fMRI paradigm to detect and measure attention in healthy participants. The ultimate goal was to measure attention and to communicate with patients who are behaviorally non-responsive. I am currently pursuing a medical degree at the University of Alberta School of Medicine. My work with Dr Naci has inspired me to continue along the neuroscience/neurology path during and after medical school.

Arnold Lee

I am a fourth year undergraduate student, about to embark on a journey to discover brain activation patterns in response to natural auditory stimuli. At the moment, I am interested in anything and everything as I have a lot to learn. One day I hope to climb a mountain, write a children’s novel, and most importantly, understand the brain a little better.


Ali El Hamouly

I am in my third year of my Biomedical Sciences program as part of the Honours specialization in Medical Sciences module at Western University. My current research involves studying whether or not patients (mis) diagnosed as vegetative state have the ability to orient themselves in space. My involvement in this project is part of my growing passion for the medical field and my aspirations to become a physician.