My research program seeks to understand how the functional organization of the brain supports human cognition and consciousness, and how this organization breaks down in the disordered brain. My work combines psychological theory, neuroimaging, and research of brain-injured and anesthesized patients, and translates this knowledge to develop clinically applicable neuroimaging measures. Additionally, my work explores the medico-ethical and societal implications of such applications, to build ethical guidelines for their clinical use.

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Dr. Naci will receive the L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science International Rising Talents award in Paris, France, on March 23rd. View CTV’s interview (March 2017).

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Dr. Naci will move to an Assistant Professor position at the Trinity College Dublin, Global Brain Health Institute, and School of Psychology from May 2017.

Dr. Naci was awarded the L’Oréal Canada for Women in Science Research Excellence Fellowship, with the support of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, in Ottawa, Canada (Nov 2016). Read more.

Dr. Naci speaks with Neurology Today (October 2016) on the replication crisis in neuroimaging research. Read more here. Read more.

Peer-reviewed Publications

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