Invited talks

“Using fMRI to assess conscious awareness in patients with disorders of consciousness – practical considerations.” Society for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. 12-15 July 2013, San Diego, USA.

Using language for the detection of consciousness in non-responsive patients.” DECODER Consortium Meeting, 2012; Rome, Italy.

Deployment of brain-computer interfaces for the detection of consciousness in non-responsive patients.” DECODER Annual Meeting, 2011; Brussels, Belgium.

Neural gestures to communicate with vegetative state patients.” University of South Carolina, 2010; South Carolina, USA.

“Are senses enough for sense?” Speaker at the Symposium, titled “Making sense of the world: How the brain integrates local and distributed processing in visual cognition”. at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting, San Francisco, April 2008.

“Recurrent bottom-up and top-down interactions during multisensory object processing” Selected speaker in “Graduate Student Present” session at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 2007; New York City, USA.

Multisensory integration.” Experimental Psychology Society Annual Meeting, 2007; Edinburgh, UK.

Published Abstracts

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